VCP Electrical Management System

B&G electronics provides a CAM BUS based system, that provides management of both D.C. and A.C. systems in your fleet vehicle, command center, Ambulance, and many other applications. We provide latest technology of dual L.C.D. screen control, microcontroller functions that monitor, alert, log all functions. We manage both the D.C. side and the A.C. side of the vehicle and interface with the CAM BUS system in you car. Communication, makes it compatible with G.P.S.

The diagram above shows an Ambulance, however you can insert any vehicle you would like. The display ICONS can be custom designed to provide a graphic User interface which reflects your application and the devices you are controlling. B&G Electronics has several system designs already programed and in service, including Ambulance, S.W.A.T. Vehicle, Cash Transit Truck, Bus formats for urban and cross country.

B&G Electronics works with Up-fitters to build custom applications for you market. Fleet or specialty Vehicles can be designed in our Engineering office in Texas, and Bogota Colombia. Programing is via a USB port, and the system has two levels of access. Click here to download brochure: VCPTOUCH-Amb_EN_web