Training / service

At Spike Devil, we do something rare in the industry and that is we combine service and training together. Knowing your spike system and your capabilities is very important for effectiveness and safety. Spike Devils durability gives it some unique advantages over competitive designs. The ability to reload a system is a great economic advantage however it has a safety and training advantage.

Your training program should be one which identifies goals for effectiveness and outlines important safety guidelines. Simple training with your departmental issued spike systems is a way of insuring that the officer trains for and inspects the system often. Spike-Strip mfg. provides a website with our training resources, go to for more information. Here is an insight to our training program and why its important to learn to use and service your Spike System. In the parking lot training scenario the officer conducts an inspection of the spike-system while practicing its deployment. You use the actual system your department purchased not a special training model.

  1. Not dependent on special training systems
  2. Inspection and training conducted at same time
  3. Training method for determining roadway width
  4. training method to identify deployment oppertuinity.
  5. defined stance for situational awareness
  6. clear steps from deployment to recovery

Spike Devil defines these important skills in a simple method without any special training units, tracks, or complicated training scenarios. Spike -Strip also offers training units for moving vehicle training.