Tact-Strip 2h


Tact-Strip2h is a compact Spike Strip designed for use on unmanned vehicles. The tire is blocked with the strip to give a flat tire if the vehicle is used to elude.  Tact-Strip has two spikes which give a slow and controlled deflation. The deflation is such that the driver might be unaware that a police operation is being conducted. Concealment and the element of surprise can be used to gain a tactical advantage in the apprehension of the driver and Occupants. Apprehension at its best, locates the target out of his car and away from weapons, and from his initial starting position. Taking one Spike Cartridge out can further delay the deflation of the tire and increase the distance from starting location.

Tact-Strip2 is available with an optional handle. The handle allows for compact storage, easy deployment, adjustment and Retrieval with your foot. The handle can be hidden along the edge of the tire or removed for a more covert deployment. Tact-Strip2h retails for $14>95 and in most cases can be reloaded with spikes. For agancies which prefer a model without the handle we recommend the original Tact-Strip2.