ISBI Armored glass is available for North American Patrol vehicles and also for SWAT type trucks. All armor is custom made and some products offer protection up to .50 Caliber. Take a look at our videos of actual demonstrations.


This ISBI glass is designed for North American Police vehicles, to maintain original look, and function.  To the public and an attacker the glass looks normal, however is ballistic, and has return fire capability. ISBI Glass is curved and fits in the door jam of a normal patrol car. The Glass goes up and down. This is light Armor that maintains, original function and appearance.

We recommend this glass for light duty police Cars, SUV, and Trucks. This is a level NIJ 3a, once you start going up in threat levels, the glass gets heavier and requires a truck frame to support armor. Our Product Specialist can guide you in the process to determine weight, protection level and compatibility with install.

Spike Strip MFG. offers expertise in protective armor for your patrol car. ISBI Armor is made in Bogota Colombia, and tested in the field under actual attacks. Years of armor experience go into the design of our aramid door panels and Ballistic Glass.

Door Glass Tests