ISBI Armor

ISBI Armoring offers Armored products for Police Vehicles in the North America Market.  ISBI armored products are OEM fit and we provide distribution and install exclusive via Police Vehicle Up-fitters in North America. Colombia leads in technology and appearance, to provide a vehicle that looks O.E.M. and has tactical advantages not found by other armorers.

Spike Strip Mfg. teamed up with ISBI armoring to provide armor products that meets the needs and specifications of North American customers. Products include ballistic door glass, ballistic windshields, including windshields and glass for SWAT trucks. Ballistic panels for doors and jams and others areas in you car. ISBI armoring is designed to stop ballistic rounds and also explosives. ISBI provides armor for North American Patrol cars, and also SWAT vehicles, call us to discuss your needs. Brochure: ISBI-Amoring

Spike Strip has offices in the U.S.A. and also in Colombia. We specialize in custom orders, and provide service from manufacturing to installation of your products. All Products have been professionally engineered and tested to exceed specifications and provide benefits not afforded by others. ISBI specializes in air chamber glass for a 40% lighter product.  ISBI also offers one way glass, which protects the officer from rounds shot into the patrol car via the glass, but allows the officer to shot back, thru the glass.