Public Information

Thank you for your interest in tire deflation devices, These type of devices have been used by law enforcement and military through out the world and for many years, the original patents for such devices was not for use on cars but rather on horses, livestock and man. The basic design of the accordion type frame for a deflator dates back to 1918. It was not until years later that the technology evolved for use as a tire deflator on a car.

Non-Lethal Force

The use of such devices have to conform to a certain criteria before there use is permissible on automobiles. The Spikes cartridges used by the Spike-Devil are a hollow spike which provides a slow and controlled deflation. The Spike-Devil is known in the police world as non lethal technology.

Public Safety

It is my Estimate that Tire deflators have been used over 50k times worldwide. The use of such devices have proven to be effective in many type scenarios. While many new technologies have been developed the fall short in meeting the mobility, cost and effectiveness that tire deflators provide.

Affordability is the new technology

While the deflators remain as the leading technology in stopping vehicles, many police cars still to this day are not equipped with this technology. Existing equipment is very expensive and some brands are designed for one time use. With departments struggling to buy, body armor, Gas and other important items, our technologies which reduceĀ  reoccurring cost is nice.

At Spike-Strip are goal is to make the Spike-Devil as a standard tool for every car. Our Technology is state of the art, with the latest features manufactured done by injection molding into our parts. Spike-Devil efficient manufacturing process is passed along to the customer with a lower initial investment, andĀ  compared to to parts that are replaced, Spike-Devil can save you 90% by simple maintenance compared to product replacement.

Public Service

If your a member of an organization that supports law enforcement and would like to assist your public safety organization in the purchase of Spike-Devils, we would like to hear form you. Our staff and distribution network would like to work with you in providing this technology and training for them. The Spike-Devil storage device can be private labeled, with your organizations name and that of the department you are assisting. For information contact us at