B&G Electronics offers a complete line of window intercoms for service to the public. These intercoms are designed to work with ballistic glass, and also provide protection to air borne pathogens. These intercoms allow connection to the DVR recording system, or the One Vox for you system, via I.P. connection. Stand alone or part of the integrated system, the intercoms provide clear communications and years of maintain free use.

Intercom shown is used in high security area. Allows communication to the outside gate, into main facility, and all conversations recorded on the DVR or Vox system.  Various versions of intercom are shown below.

The LTC-05 system shown above mounts the box to the desk, the outside module can also mount to a hard surface or to glass. The system can be interfaced with a headset, so that the vox can be answered remotely. An example would be a reception area after hours, which allows dispatch to answer entry way. For a user manual on the LTC-05 Click here: UserManual_LTC05 For installation video clik here: