Loop Winder

Spike-Strip’s loop winder, allows inspection of the cord and facilitates speed and handling never seen before in tire deflators which use a cord systems without cranks. The Loop Winder offers superior speed, over all others, and is our standard winder. The winder is available with the Spike-Belt and Spike-Devil systems. The loop winder is also available as a kit, with a deployment sleeve for Stop Stick Brand.     



Any system with the loop winder can be deployed or pre-deployed, in seconds, traditional systems slow down the officer as he operates a crank, or unwinds a stick type winder. The Loop Winder allows line to release, from a beveled edge, a twist of the wrist allows unwinding or twisting back, stops this action for recovery. No resistance off the beveled edge allows a deployment deeper into the lanes, and operation can disturb the spike system by prematurely deployng it. Take a look at out videos for a comparison. 



The Spike-Devil is available in a standard size (SD10010) model which is designed to cover one traffic lane. Spike-Devil is also available in a wider size (SD10020) model, which spreads across a portion of two lanes of traffic lanes.