ISBI Armoring manufactures a variety of SWAT and RIOT TRUCKS. Our glass is shipped around the world to replace original glass in trucks and also to upgrade ballistics. ISBI armoring has experience retrofitting these types of trucks, due to the volume of trucks shot up and destroyed in use in Colombia. Armor, Glass, suspension, pumps, intercoms, and electronics are all part of our experience in up-fitting your truck. Watch the last video, on this page for some attacks on some of our designs.

For North America we provide upgraded ballistic glass to replace glass that has delaminated. We can also upgrade the ballistics of your glass upto 50 BMG. This video shows testing of our 50 cal BMG. Glass


 This video shows some of our designs under riot type of attacks. IF you have questions on upgrading your SWAT TRUCK Glass, call us. John Murphy 401-495-4811 at or Henry De Villiers at 210-782-5933. You can go to our Police page by clicking this link.