Prevention Products

The Easiest pursuit to stop is the one that never started. You can do that with the new Spike-Strip and Tact-Strip products by Spike Devil. The New Pursuit prevention products are compact and fold up for storage.  They can be used by simply opening the handle on the Strip and placing it in the path of a tire.

SPIKE-STRIP PRODUCT: The Primary applications for the Spike-Strips are traffic stops, port of entry, security point or any case where the occupants are in the vehicle. The handle serves as a reminder that the system is in place. The Spike-Strip 1 and 2 serves the application of two types of deflators, they are black in color for warrant service, S.W.A.T. and the tactical operations and can be hidden on the passenger side to minimize the Strip being seen.

The Spike-Strip2 Little Devil version includes two Strip sections designed for use on stationary or moving vehicles. The sections are loaded with the same spikes used in our moving systems. The Strip offers a tactical advantage, as they are designed to be used on vehicles that are in a stationary position and a wider Varity of terrain.

Tact-Strip products are compact strips designed to be used on a vehicle not occupied with a driver. Their use is for multiple covert applications such as Warrant service, Auto Theft, S.W.A.T. and many other special applications. Tact-Strips are available with an optional handle for the easy and safe use, adjustment and retrieval of the Strip. Unique to our brand of deflators the Strip adds an extra measure of safety and handling. Tact-Strip is available in a 2 spike and 4 spike model.