Spike Devil’s Cord Reel, is the first to offer a mouth to inspect and service the reel. 

The Cord Reel is an option for those that prefer this type cord management system. The biggest problem with these type of devices is that they get tangled and can be difficult to use .

The Cord Reel is only available in the orange color. The Cord reel is heavy duty and comes with a heavy duty nylon cord. The system is designed to to allow access through an inspection port. The port allows routine service without having to take system apart.

The Cordreel option is available in the Spike-Devil and Also the Spike-Belt models.

Spike-Devil standard size

Spike-devil Extended Size

Spike Devil Extended plus size


Spike-Belt Extended Size: Four 36 inch Spike Strips in a 12 foot Sleeve. 

Spike Belt Extended Size: Eight 18 inch Spike Strips in a 12 foot sleeve. 



Spike Strip Mfg. makes available its heavy duty sleeve and Cord reel, to upgrade your Stop Sticks. The Sleeves are renforced in the corners in order not to tear and loose the sticks in the raodway for officers to re-cover. The Cord-Reel is officer serviceable and heavy duty to prevent failure. Sleeves and cord reels failing has been a problem for officers which deploy without these important safety products or recover the Sticks when they fail. Spike Strip can be part of your safety program to update your existing systems and make sure that they are in good shape and our products are economical compared to the originals. 


Stop Stick is a registered Trademark of Stop Tech. Stinger Spike Systems is a trademark of Federal Signal Corp.