Welcome to B & G Electronics North America, we pride ourselves in state of the art Electronics for public Safety, fleet and commercial use. We keep America going, with our intercoms, sirens, and vehicle electrical control and monitoring systems. Our products are built around providing Communication, with security and safety for your employees, and the public. With the pandemic, our products features stand out by creating a safe barrier.

Architectural Solutions includes Intercoms, Voice Distribution, and Recording solutions.

Our intercoms work great in many government and public school applications. We offer thru glass and also surface mount designs. The intercoms, are super tough, and the goose necks have been tested to over 50k adjustments without failure. These are industrial type intercoms found in high security applications, like jails, banks and other demanding environments.

Our I.P. Paging system brings intercoms to the next level. Voice over the internet allows you to connect remote locations, and quickly bring your employees together. This allows virtual meetings, training, monitoring, panic buttons,  and other unique applications. The system is scalable to 99 locations. The system is computer controlled, with recording options, and interface with PBX system.

 B&G Electronics recorders are stand-a-lone and compatible with our intercoms. The microphones can be used to digitally record in areas important to you. These systems record interactions with the public, interview rooms, training rooms, conference center, court room, and many other applications. The system is managed by a computer and stores all information to a hard drive.  Arch Catalog download click link: CatalogArquit2021_EN


Vehicle Solutions includes intercoms, and Vehicle monitoring and control packages.

B&G Electronics manufactures a variety of intercoms for mobile applications. Our Niche is intercoms for public safety Vehicles, which protect the occupants in the car, while allowing communications to the outside. This keeps Armored windows rolled up, and helps prevent your officers from an ambush attack. The intercom also serves to monitor outside the vehicle, raising awareness. Intercoms also have multiple tones, designed to hurt ears, and help break up a crowd, and give path for a patrol car being over ran by rioters. Our intercom also includes your standard tones, for a back up or second siren.

The intercom is just part of a more extensive system used to control vehicles electrical system, monitor its status, such as doors open, patient status, and many other conditions. The system allows for internal intercom communications as will as GPS Tracking and other VOIP features. Download Vehicle Catalog click link: VehicularCatalogHighResVehicle Solutions are outlined above, Vehicle monitoring and control packages, and public Safety Sirens and lights are all displayed on a special screen(s). The screens work with gloves, and allow communication between screens for sharing of information. Screens can be adapted to many services with special icons.  Click the tabs above to explore!