Armored Vehicles, ISBI Built

ISBI Armoring has a long history of providing armored glass for Armoring companies around the world. We also build vehicles for many government agencies in Colombia.  Our products have been field tested under actual conditions and attacks. Today ISBI offers our same service of Custom built Armored Vehicles for customers in the U.S.A.. The same technology that goes into our police Armor is available in a protection package designed for your application.


ISBI also includes electronics packages designed specifically for armored vehicles. Intercoms are required in armor vehicles in order to communicate to the outside and keep the armored glass up. The intercom of choice is the B&G Electronics PW-250 system. This system allows to monitor outside the vehicle to listen for potential threats, its also includes a high powered acoustic device that provides siren tones and also CHIRP tones, we call ALERT for use to move or disperse a crowd.