Vehicle public Intercoms

B&G Electronics, got its start in the manufacturing of Intercoms for armored vehicles. Keeping the windows up, alert to outside threats, and being able to communicate to the outside is of importance. Fight or flight options, include tones for traffic, and also for crowds. Our intercoms provide communications for other public safety situations and applications. The systems work great in an Ambulance, and first responders applications for suspected haz-mat, air-borne pathogen response.

Various models provide the options for your applications. Models are available from 50 to 250 watt versions. Control panels are available with basic features, or more advanced models with multiple control heads and separation of Siren tones.

These models include these functions:


The intercom provides option of two microphones and allows the officer to hear outside the car and with stereophonic speakers help determine the location of voices or a potential threat. The two microphones serve to communicate with a contact by positioning them to the safer side of the vehicle.


The Intercom serves as a public address system with audio levels superior to traditional P.A. system in a patrol car. This can help in evacuations, and other public safety announcements.


The intercom has built in tones to which can be used to disperse a crowd. The ASST tone and 2k tone provide a way to move a crowd, or provide an escape for officer under attack. Audio Spread Spectrum Technology sweeps the acoustic range of frequencies known to provoke a reaction to retreat. The 2K tone is a concentrated blast of 2000 hertz.


The Intercom provides a second siren for the patrol car, or a backup. The tones can be handled via the microphone.


The intercom includes VAA, Volume auto adjust, controls the maximun volume according to the level of acoustic isolation of the vehicle.

The Circuitry includes AFC suppressor, for automatic feedback control to prevent feedback, quickly adjusting should a door or window open.

PW-50na, PW-100na, includes one set of external/internal speakers, and two microphones. The added microphone allows you to hear both sides of the vehicle, for your safety, and the safety of the person outside the car. The number designates the power level.

PW-150na, PW-250na. include two internal /external speakers and two microphones, The added internal speaker allows the microphones to correspond with the external microphones, to better distinguish the source, and where its located. The number designates the power levels.

Any intercom model can be built up with the features you desire.  An extra key pad is required to accommodate a larger library of tone options. We do this with one keypad for public safety siren tones, and another for public address tones.

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