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From the safety of protective cover this officer is positioned to bring this dangerous driver to a stop. He is positioned in a special stance, deployed and ready to recover the spikes. The vehicle below will be traveling over the Spike Devil tire deflation device, the latest in covert design and safe tire deflation.

SAFETY REQUIREMENT#1: Spike-Devil is a Covert color, and slides in a covert style to maximize the element of surprise to not provoke an adverse reaction by the driver. The system is designed to auto lock into its expanded configuration, (A.L.E.C.) without need for additional adjustments. 

SAFETY REQUIREMENT #2: The Spike-Strip, and its winder system are pre-assembled at the factory and are not dependent on sleeves, nor other deployment accessories for safe use.  The system is designed to withstand the impact of a metal rim and not fall apart in traffic.

For SAFETY and TRAINING information visit www.spike-devil.net or request our Standards guide, Tire Deflation, The standards back on track.


Spike-Strip’s Spike-devil system cost 33% less than ALL other brands, and the Strips can be reloaded for multiple uses! Spike-Strip fits all type patrol cars, including motorbikes!  A list of Distributors is posted under contact us. Prices start at $199.95, subject to distributor participation.

TRAINING: For Training please visit www.spikedevil.net. We have a complete training program for your department, all On-Line. With a Smart-phone officers can access the complete Training program on the road. The Training program includes class room materials, and parking lot or Track training. Spike Devil’s program includes a large amount of pictures, and Illustrations. Spike Devils on-line training program is the most advanced in the industry.

WARRANTY: Spike Devil has a lifetime Warranty for material and workmanship. Free replacement of damaged sections and Spikes for Three Years. Beyond Three years Spike Devil offers a $30 FIX-Anything Warranty for life. PRODUCT UPDATES: Spike Devil offers a lifetime of free updates under the FIX- ANYTHING program.